peru 1 PeruPeru — a country where legends come to life. There are many reasons to visit one of the oldest places on earth. According to some reports, the first settlements appeared here about ten thousand years ago! Traveling to Peru cities, you can see the architectural monuments of antiquity, of which just breathtaking. Throughout the country there are 11 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the new wonder of the world — Machu Picchu, the «Lost City of the Incas». Riddle, mystery, mysticism — that can be described as Peru in three words. Something had remained not completely solved. Figures Nazca desert and Native American sacred pyramid is still considered one of the greatest mysteries of mankind.

Peru — a country of unique landscapes and unusually bright colors: snow-capped mountain peaks adjacent to the green labyrinth Amazon jungle, the waves of the Pacific meet with deserted beaches, here is the deepest canyon in the world and the highest navigable lake. Throughout the country there are many wildlife sanctuaries, where you will see with your own eyes rare flora and fauna. Interesting fact: there are about 300 thousand species of orchids. Many of them can be found only in Peru.

Peru — a country whose inhabitants to this day have not lost touch with its roots and traditions of their ancestors. Approximately 50% of the population are Indians, and most of them are wearing the traditional clothing of Peru XVI century: many-colored skirts, hats with ears of alpaca hats, bowler hats for women. Peruvian cuisine is famous for its variety and can surprise even the most discerning palates. Numerous cafes and restaurants you can enjoy ceviche (a dish of fish or seafood), lomo saltado (beef tenderloin with herbs and vegetables), soup with lobster and other delicacies.

- Famous Secret City of the Incas Machu Picchu, modern wonder of the world;
- The ancient capital of the Inca Empire Cusco, enjoy the wonderful architecture and great Inca trail pass, connecting Cusco and Machu Picchu;
- Watch the rare species of animals that inhabit the protected Amazon jungle;
- Go to the floating reed islands Uros Lake Titicaca;
- An unforgettable flight over the desert Nazca and to witness the mysterious pictures, origin and destination are not known yet.

On the coast: Winter season lasts from April to October, summer — from November to March. The rainy season — from November to March.
In the Andes: a strong temperature gradient — from 24 ° C during the day to -3 ° C at night.
In tropical forests at an altitude of 700 m above sea level: humid subtropical climate. The rainy season lasts from November to March, during the year falls to 3000 mm of rain per year. The dry season — from April to October.
In the lowland jungle: the dry season — from April to October (temperatures can reach 35 ° C).

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