St. Maarten

St. MaartenFar away, on the edge of the Earth, in the Atlantic Ocean, are the most intriguing and the most enticing island. It awaits its robinzonov Saint mrata — the quintessence of all the best that can be found elsewhere. Luxury hotels brought to absolute. Elegant villa surrounded in tropical gardens on the beach, belopischani beaches, giant palms and enchanting sunsets …

Did not we represent paradise? Is not a place we dream? Dreams come true and dream turns reality. You need only to want it — and go on a nice island of St. Martin. History of St. Maarten is different originality. He settled, captured, shared, and perekroyuvaly vidvoyovuvaly each other Spaniards, French and Dutch. But it ended up pretty cute. Now the former talk only museum relics, and the island turned into a beach resort haven for respectable travelers. St. Maarten — a rescue from the bustle of modern life, the noise of the city. A place where there is a divine harmony wilderness. Where unforgiving time slows their running and childhood dreams of romance distant islands become reality. St Martin — the world’s smallest inhabited island, which is divided between the two countries — France and Holland. French is the most visited area. Naturally, mainly in St. Maarten rest those who are not accustomed myself in something to deny. Fun for all tastes — from safari through the jungle to deep sea fishing. It offers guests fine dining restaurants with French cuisine, night clubs, discos and casinos as many as four. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat … You can win five thousand dollars, and then drop everything and give up on a yacht in the Caribbean …

Location: Central America, Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela.

Tropical. The average annual temperature is +27 ° C. The warmer but wet season from July to October. From May to October — the rainy season.

Rainfall (mm)January February March April May June July August September October Nov. December
60 40 40 70 100 60 80 100 130 110 130 90

All times are
Minus 8 hours.

English, French, Creole.

Euro, dollar, guilder.

Fort Louis — The oldest building (1767) and a historical monument. It offers spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.
Butterfly Farm — World of Fine creatures collected in the greenhouse.
Kolomb’ye — Typical Creole Village (located in the valley between Marigot and Grand Kaz).

All kinds of surface and underwater entertainment. Travel on a desert island. Yacht cruises, helicopter tours, motoparahlaydinh. Music festivals and carnivals. Restaurants, night clubs and casinos.