croatia 1 CroatiaCroatia — a dreamland thousands of islands, majestic mountains, lush deciduous forests and turquoise sea. The unique nature and wonderfully mild climate liking to many celebrities. You spent your honeymoon Agatha Christie, Isadora Duncan rented villa, and Alfred Hitchcock admitted that in Croatia saw the most beautiful sunset. In Croatia, all the conditions for a unique vacation: beautiful beaches, clean sea, thermal and mineral springs, and magnificent national parks with waterfalls and lakes.

Gourmet Croatia seem real gastronomic paradise. In Croatian cuisine harmoniously intertwined Italian, Austrian, Hungarian and Swiss motifs. Particularly noteworthy are dishes such as pashtitsada (beef with vegetables cooked in red wine) and prshyut (vyalenyy pork ham). The Adriatic coast is famous for its red wine and delicious seafood: oysters, lobsters, crabs, squid, lobster.

On the coast and islands — Mediterranean: hot summers (23-30 ° C) and warm rainy winter (5-10 ° C). You can swim from June to early September. The water temperature in summer 22-24 ° C. In the middle of the country — moderate continental climate: hot dry summers (20-23 ° C) and cold winters with few frosts (from -1 ° C to +2 ° C). In mountainous areas — cool summers (13-18 ° C) and cold snowy winters (-5-0 ° C). The best time to holiday in Croatia — from April to October.

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