St. Barthelemy

St. Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy discovered by Christopher Columbus. He was looking for the way to India, but has been known to find America and passing mapped hundreds of outlets — including the island of Saint-Barthélemy, which he named in honor of his brother, Bartalameo.
In his time on the island claimed by the French, Knights of Malta, the British and Swedes. In the XIX century the island became part of the overseas department of France — Guadeloupe. Today, Saint Barthelemy is dominion of France.

If you look at the map, it appears that the island of St. Barthelemy — a tiny dot that was lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Barthélemy — a 25-square-kilometer white sand beaches and tropical gardens. What could be more attractive for business people, living in a huge metropolis rhythm than a beautiful island in the ocean, where reigns peace and quiet?

This island is called Caribbean St. Tropez. Luxury hotels, restaurants with excellent cuisine and high service level and attract millionaires bohemia worldwide. At Saint Barthelemy come those whose faces adorn the cover of secular magazines and names headed the list of richest people in the world. Among the hills of the island hiding private ownership Sylvester Stallone, Cindy Crawford and other celebrities.

Saint Barthélemy — Island of joy and fun. Throughout the year there are colorful festivals. Bright colors flying in the sky, fireworks, dancing in the streets roztsyatskovani people playing music. At carnivals and festivals Saint Barthelemy often serve musicians of world renown.

Saint Barthélemy is an archipelago in northern Windward Islands, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from the west.

The island's capital — City Hustaviya.
Population — Around 7,000 people.
The official language — French.
Nearest Airport on the island of St. Maarten.

Tropical. The average annual temperature +26 ° C. July and November — most rainy months, from February to April — the dry season. Water temperature around 25 ° C almost all year round.

All times are
Minus 8 hours.

- Galerie Asie — The museum, which gathered a large collection of objects of Asian culture: Tibetan ritual symbols, Japanese villain, stone statues, unique sculptures of Buddha.
- The Wall House Museum — History Museum, where the documents, letters, artifacts that tell about the history of the island of Saint-Barthélemy.
- Inter Oceans Museium — The largest collection of different types of shells, corals, starfish found on the bottom of the world's seas and oceans.

At Saint Barthelemy there are lots of ways to diversify your leisure. You can explore the neighboring islands bird's-eye view, while at the controls of an airplane, play tennis and golf, swim with fish and turtles, fishing, horseback riding and windsurfing.
- Annual Music Festival, which involves world-famous ballet troupe and jazz performers.
- Annual Film Caribbean film festival, which exhibit new works of European and American directors.

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