bahrain 1 BahrainBahrain — a bright sun, cloudless sky and warm clear sea. The archipelago, which is a state composed of many large and small islands. They are surrounded by sparkling waters of the Persian Gulf. Along the coast stretches a strip of golden beaches. The islands fringed by coral reefs around which boils amazing underwater life. The small coral islands as sea flower buds, looking out of the water just a few meters. They sometimes open a source of fresh water, as if waiting for the traveler thirsty.
Most of the country is desert, on which are spread lush green oases. Tourists who first arrived in Bahrain, happy to go on a trip to the desert. Increasingly popular skiing on sand skiing and snowboarding. Few refuses and from riding a camel.
Of course, do not forget that Bahrain — Muslim state. In every city of the country’s many mosques. Grand, richly decorated, with colorful mosaics, they tower over the city buildings and noisy crowded bazaars. For centuries Bahrain was a major center of trade and fishing pearls. These days are open to many pearl farms and auctions.

Fun In the capital of Bahrain and the resort areas of life stops for a moment. It offers numerous restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

Climate tropical.
The relatively cool winters (average January temperature is — 18  C) and hot summers (average temperature in July and August — 37  C).