Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago — Islands in the West Indies, situated in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South America. Together with another by 5 small islands, they form the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, which is part of the British Commonwealth. The capital of the republic — Port of Spain located on the island of Trinidad.

The level of per capita income of the republic is quite high compared to other countries in Latin America. The main income country receives from oil and gas being the third largest oil exporter in the Western Hemisphere, in addition, there are well-developed steel, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Most of the population is concentrated on the island of Trinidad — it all boils in social life, a myriad of luxurious restaurants eagerly await visitors in the capital organized many art galleries and the famous carnival held regularly. Beach lovers better to live in the northern part of the island, where many beautiful beaches, but it is best to go to Tobago — here the noise and bustle of big cities certainly will not dampen your holiday. Tobago — very quiet island, not yet spoiled by civilization.

Tourism — one of the most important articles of income. Opportunities for the development of the tourism sector is very large. Now the emphasis is on eco-tourism, which has become very popular recently. The nature of these islands is extremely rich. The wet sub-equatorial climate is favorable for the development of many tropical species. Very beautiful red Tsezalpin — is the national flower, and blooms at a time when the country celebrates its independence. World birds islands are so diverse that many hotels organize special ornithological tours, which allow to watch the birds at their natural habitat.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago can listen to music calypso, which has gained popularity due to frequent execution of the carnival in Trinidad. This is the music of African slaves, who were not allowed to talk to each other and they communicate via songs.
Interesting and national dance limbo, his homeland — the island of Trinidad. Moving to the rhythm of Caribbean tunes dancer deflected backward and dances under a horizontal sixth, but so as not to hurt him. Organized the competitions dancers, pole gradually lowered and objectives pole dancer does not hurt, nor does it affect the body floor. The one who will dance to the lowest pole. This dance is traditionally performed in the first week after the death of a relative, dance goal — to help the deceased pass the first circle of hell — limb.

Location: Central America, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, north of Venezuela.

Climate Sub-equatorial humid. Monthly average temperatures 29-30C, vary little throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from June to December, but rain is usually short and most of the day the sun shines. The first four months of the year — dry.

The average temperature (degrees C)

January February March April May June July August September October Nov. December
25 26, 26.5 27, 28, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 25.5

Rainfall (mm)

January February March April May June July August September October Nov. December
71 43 31, 46 112 254 249 239 183 179 198 147

All times are Minus 8 hours.

Language English.

Currency: Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain — Royal College residence Hinderbred House, Uaytboll park Mehnifisent Seven, National Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of the History of Trinidad and Tobago, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Windsurfing, water skiing and sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, golf and tennis. Yearly Festival of Music "Calypso", which are considered to be the birthplace of these islands, and traditional Carnival "Potpurri Show".


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