New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand — an island nation in the southwest Pacific. Includes two large islands — North and South, separated by the Cook Strait, and several smaller islands. New Zealand — a land of clear lakes, emerald green meadows and tropical rain forests. Kingdom, where mountain peaks covered with eternal snows and glaciers, while the foot beat hot mineral springs. This is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Unknown that draws more tourists there: Reserves and natural parks, unique plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else, ancient people or Maori hospitality and friendliness of New Zealanders?

Climate In the North Island and northern South — sub-tropical, marine, the rest of the — moderate. The warmest months — January and February, the coldest — July. The temperature in winter is usually not less than plus 8C, the summer is not hot — to 17-20C.

All times are plus 9 hours.

National Maori feast "Vaitanhi" — arranged swim fighting canoes hollowed them of a tree trunk. Bay Pehaus. Transgender Festival in Auckland (February).
Queenstown — a playground of the nation, the real capital for fools, which attracts 1.5 million extreme. Bungee jumping, "Marathon Speyhta" (238 km.), Mountain biking, climbing, rafting in underground rivers, slide down the rope into the gorge, safari balloon hidrozorbinh … What else will come up with these "crazy" to tickle your nerves?


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